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PM Taur went Singapore For Health Treatment, Ministry of Health Confused Public Featured

Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak Foto Media PM

Tempotimor (Dili). The leadership of the Ministry of Health is providing different information related to the letter from Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak regarding his medical consultation in Singapore.

According to the Minister of Health Interim Bonifacio Maukoli, the Ministry of Health has received a letter from the PM Cabinet about the health professional who will accompany him to Singapore.

While the Deputy Minister of Health Elia Antonio de Araujo dos Reis Amaral said that to this day MS has not received a request letter from the PM’s office regarding the health professional who will accompany the PM to Singapore.

The Interim Minister of Health Bonifacio Maucoli informed that the Ministry of Health had received a request from the PM Office’s about the health professional who would accompany the PM Tour to Singapore.

"Two weeks ago Dear (PM Taur) went for a check-up at the National Hospital. There have been a few detected health problems which will require the Honorable PM to receive health treatment in Singapore and the Ministry of Health has instructed the Medical Board ( Junta Medica) to prepare all the necessary documents, also for his wife who has been detected to have a medical problem, so we have organized to leave for Singapore and will be accompanied by two specialist doctors, " said Minister Bonifacio.

He added, the National Hospital Guido Valadares could not provide treatment to the PM Taur because there were indications that needed more thorough examination to determine the condition of the PM in full details. 

In regards to the Hospital where PM Taur and his wife will receive medical treatment, the Minister informs,

The PM and his wife will get medical treatment at the Santa Elisabeth Hospital where a memorandum of cooperation was signed with Timor-Leste. 

Iha parte seluk, Vise Ministra Saude EliaAntónio de Araujo dos Reis Amaral hafoin partisipa iha Konferensia AMP iha Terra Santa, PM ba Singapura atu halo de'it kontrolu ba nia kondisaun saude.

On another occasion, the Vice Minister for Health Elia António de Araújo dos Reis Amaral, was informed after participating in the AMP Conference at Terra Santa, the Prime Minister left only to control his health.

"I think that the Prime Minister will only attend his health check-up in Singapore and so after he returns home we will know about his health condition," Elia said

Regarding the Health Officer who will accompany PM Taur, the Vice Minister of Health said, until now there was no request from the PM office regarding that matter. 

"At present, there is no request from the Prime Minister for the Health Officer to accompany the Honorable Prime Minister but if necessary we can allocate it."

Responding to questions regarding the illness suffered by PM Taur, Elia, said that the illness suffered by PM should not be informed to the public because there was always the confidentiality taken.

On Sunday (16/06) PM Taur Matan Ruak has left East Timor for his health treatment in Singapore and until today there is no information have been released by the authorites about Prime Minister health.

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