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Tempo Timor (Dili)-The European Union has a large and well resourced election monitoring mission in Timor-Leste for the current presidential elections.


The court in Timor-Leste has subpoenaed news platform Tempo Timor to appear before the judges on 26 January 2022. The reason: a few articles Tempo Timor published in 2020 about…


https://tempotimor.com/opiniaun/9459-mundu-sei-la-haluha-By Bernard Collaery Canberra’s conduct towards the Timorese was so grave that Australia continues to be regarded, within international legal circles as a cheat. Upon our return to Cambridge in…


Tempotimor (Dili)-Timor-Leste’s Justice Minister Manuel Cárceres da Costa didn’t show up at the signing ceremony for the Special Investment Agreement with Pelican Paradise Group. The event was organised for 17…


Tempotimor (Portugal)-The Portuguese Episcopal Conference (CEP) has expressed “deep dismay” at the death of Bishop Basilio do Nascimento, Bishop of Baucau (Timor-Leste), who died today at 71 years of age,…


Tempotimor (Roma)-In Timor-Leste the trial is taking place against RJD. He is charged with sexual abuse of girls, child pornography and domestic violence, which he allegedly committed when he was…


By Tempo Timor This article is not intended to persuade or dissuade anyone from taking or not taking the vaccines. The intention is to present the available data taken from…


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