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By Jose Antonio Belo
Imagine if there was no air connectivity or very limited air connectivity to Timor-Leste? Imagine if there was closure of the Bali, Darwin or Singapore route? It would severely further handicap Timor-Leste's attractiveness to investors. It could even be an issue of national security as the country is driven into further isolation due to limited connectivity.
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Thursday, 09 January 2020 17:55

PD Foti ona Pozisaun Ba OJE 2020 (Dili)- Bankada opozisaun Partidu Demokratiku foti ona pozisaun ba Orsamentu Jeral Estadu (OJE) tinan fiskal 2020 ne'ebé sei diskute iha tempu badak. 
Published in Politika (Dili)- Aprezentasaun livru orsamental ba Parlamentu Nasional husi Livru serie 1 to'o serie 6 iha livru serie 2 maka al aprezenta tanba konsidera laiha mudansa.

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