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OPINIAUN ida neé la reprejenta Instituisaun nebeé haknaár áan ba, maibe espresaun pessoal nuúdar servidor públiku liu husi servisu Jornalismu nian.
 Ikus-ikus neé, Ajente autoridade Mídia inklui Konsellu Imprensa mos deskorda ba projetu Lei hodi Kriminaliza Defamasaun ba utentes Mídia Sosial, no Servisu Jornalismu, tamba projetu neé sei hatudu marjen la diak ba Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade espresaun iha Timor Leste, inklui sei hamate sistema Demokrásia nebeé buras iha Timor Leste. Situasaun neé mos sei implika ba Imprensa Internasional, liu-liu Timor Leste nebeé iha válor diak, sei namlaek ka tuún, no lakon tan ba nasaun seluk.
Luta desde okupasaun Indonesia toó Ukun Rasik Áan, Mídia nia papel importante tebes, kontribui makaás ba prosesu Ukun Rasik Áan toó Prosesu Dezenvolvimentu Nasional. Konstribuisaun Mídia iha válor boót, no signifikante tebes. Maibe ohin loron Governu Timor Leste sei sulan neneik, no taka nia ibun neneik, hodi dudu ba nakukun nian, nuúdar aktus ida atu hamate Demokrásia no Liberdade Espresaun nebeé hatuúr ona iha Konstituisaun RDTL.
Meius neé mos sei hafoer imajen implementasaun Demokrásia, Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade Espresaun nebeé durante nee prudente tebes, ba komunidade Internasional sira ho situasaun nebeé akontese. Mundu sei kanta, no hakilar kona ba Projetu Lei neé kuandu hetan legalidade iha Jornal da Repúblika, tamba sente la seguru wainhira atu hatoó reportajen kona ba aktua Kriminal. Mídia Timor Leste sei la iha forsa tan atu hakerek, buka tuir Kazu Mal Administrasaun, Mal Jestaun ka Prátika Korupsaun, Kolusaun no Nepotismu, tamba karater mídia nia hakerek hahuú husi deskonfia, hafoin buka klean kazu nebeé nuúdar prioridade mídia ida nian, no ba interesse Nasional, ba povo no nasaun.
Meius nebeé Governu kria, sei hamate Demokrásia, lori Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade Espresaun ba nakukun, no sei mout neneik toó futuru, hodi haburas, no promove KKN, Mal-Jestaun no Mal-Administrasaun, iha Administrasaun Estado, no hamosu interesse Famíliar no Interesse Partidárismu. Tamba ida neé responsabilidade ita hotu nian, ba utilizador Mídia sosial, no Servidor Midia sira juúdar hakerek naín, mak hamutuk Luta hodi kontra, atu halakon Projetu Lei neé, no atribui servisu ba Governh hodi kria Lei Cibernétika nuúdad ejijensia ema hotu-hotu nian, no prioridade liu.
Tuir loloós, Governu sériu fo atensaun ba aspeitu seluk, ba interesse nasional, no hamosu Lei Cibernétika nuúdar meius ida atu garante nafatin Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade Espresaun ba Jornalista sira, inklui Utilizador Mídia Sosial, hodi hamosu sansaun rígor nuúdar kultura ida atu eduka nia emar sira hodi professionaliza diak liu taán servisu nebeé kontribui ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasional.
Durante neé, Liberdade Imprensa Timor Leste iha nia válor diak liu iha Rejiaun Azia Sudeste, no ranking diak liu mos iha Mundu. Tamba neé, diak liu hametin diak liu tan sala kiík nebeé iha, hodi bele hatudu diak liu tan ba Mundu  nuúdar prestiju boót ba Povo no Nasaun, duke hamozu Projetu Lei barak hodi hakoi, ka deskreve iha Lista mean, nebeé hafoer Povo no Nasaun nia naran.
Projetu neé, sei hamtauk Jornalista sira nebeé hakarak atu transparensia ba prosesu Dezenvolvimentu Nasional, no tenta atu hamenus servidor Mídia nia kontribuisaun, hodi halakon vontade nuúdar hakerek naín, ikus mai povo sai vítima ba prosesu hotu-hotu, tamba la hetan informasaun diak kona ba lia fuan MAL ADMINISTRASAUN iha Nasaun neé, no haburas diak liu tan interesse ba jestaun famíliarismu no partidarismu.
Jornalista no Konsellu Imprensa Timor Lestes iha responsabilidade atu konvense Governu kona ba Projetu Lei neé, no hatoó pareser ida ba Parlamentu Nasional no Xefe Estado atu estuda antes foti desizaun ruma, wainhira projetu lei neé hakat ona ba oin nafatin, nebeé ho ninia impaktu sei la diak ba Povo no Nasaun, no iha komunidade Internasional nia matan iha futuru.
Iha Notisias fo sai iha Mídia RTTL, Ministro Justisa Manuel Carceres hateten, Projetu lei neé seidauk aprrova, maibe loke opiniaun públika husi entidades hotu-hotu. 
Lei neé La kastigu ema, maibe iha artigu balun iha projetu lei neé sei aplika sansaun. Sansaun neé mak sei hamate Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade Espresaun iha futuru. Maske Lei la permantenti hanesan Ministro Justisa hateten; maibe projetu neé atu kondena Servisu jornalista nian. Tamba neé, hakerek naín hakarak hateten, diak liu prioritiza Lei cibernétika hodi hamtauk utilizador mídia sosial, inklui servidor mídia.
Tamba neé, Hau hakerek naín husu ba Primeiro Ministro Taur Matan Ruak, líder ida nebeé ho nia domin tomak fo ba mídia nia servisu, atu Interven Projetu Lei Kriminaliza Defamasaun husi Ministériu Justisa.
Nuneé, husu mos ba Parlamentu Nasional atu estuda didiak antes diskute hodi aprova.
Husu mos ba Xefe Estado Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo atu Veta wainhira projeta lei neé aprova iha Parlamentu Nasional.
Rajaun hirak neé ejiji ba Líder órgaun Estado sira tamba ;
1. Ita la hatene, iha futuru, oan ka jerasaun mos sei vítima ba Projetu lei neé, wainhira hadulas áan iha Servisu mídia.
2. Ita la hatene, depois aprova lei neé, bele hatun taán imajen la diak ba Komunidade Internasional.
Viva Liberdade Imprensa no Liberdade Espresaun Timor Leste
Viva Mídia Timor Leste.
Viva Jornalista Timor Leste.
Hakerek Naín: Amito Qonusere Araújo, Jornalista RTTL-EP, númeru kontaktu +67077639282, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Published in Opiniaun

I decided to share this modest contribution to add to the set of measures already taken by those entitled to it. I do not assume that this will be the best proposal. But I believe that given the seriousness of the challenges, government officials have to be bold, and swift in decision-making and execution.


This serious global crisis, whose profound impact is already being felt in our lives in Timor-Leste, will have even more devastating effects if the National Leadership does not have the intelligence, vision, courage and audacity to quickly adopt a strategy based on two pillars - the medical and humanitarian pillar and the socio-economic pillar.

Creation of a National Emergency Fund, in the order of USD 2,000,000,000.00 (two billion US dollars), valid from January 2020 to December 2022, 3 (three) years, for a multifaceted strategy, of more intense (ongoing) prevention, victim care, and economic recovery and dynamism. The Gov may appeal to friendly countries and global financial institutions for its participation in that Fund.

In meetings with Maun Bot Xanana, PM and in a wider one with the President of the Republic, I emphasized that we must face this challenge on two fronts simultaneously, tackle the impact of the virus as a national public health issue and at the same time stop the hemorrhaging of the national economy. .


To minimize and, if possible, avoid a real catastrophe with the spread of COVID-19, drastic and courageous measures have to be taken. Some have been taken and I applaud the Government for that.

Fortunately we are benefited with three relative advantages:

we find ourselves in a situation in which this pandemic can still be contained in the face of the modest number of identified cases - at the moment a confirmed confirmed case.

we can learn from the experiences of other countries already affected by the presence of COVID-19, both from the mistakes made by those and from the measures that have proved to be positive and effective.

We have financial liquidity that allows us to face this double challenge quickly and effectively, to curb Covid-19 and stop the economic crisis, using our Sovereign Fund.
Urgent Response Measures to COVID-19:

Only the measures that have not yet been considered are listed here:
c) medical-sanitary inspection of social institutions which, due to their nature - orphanages, boarding schools, homes for children, young people, women victims of domestic violence - should not be closed. Provide support in food, money, and on-site medical care. Equally and directly support Religious and Lay Orders that host children and young people.

d) Disperse military personnel in tents and camp beds in the HQ area;

e) Proceed to the immediate release of prisoners who have already served 1/3 of their sentences;

f) Free distribution of hygiene products to the population.

Economic and Social Measures to be Adopted

Timor-Leste has liquidity and the means to use it to face the social and economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

List some considerations in this regard below:

National Emergency Fund, in the order of USD 2,000,000,000.00 (two billion US dollars), valid from January 2020 to December 2022, 3 (three) years, for a multifaceted, prevention strategy (in progress), victim care, and economic recovery and dynamism, namely:
v. support the national productive sector, agriculture, horticulture and export products such as coffee, vanilla and others, through the banking system, in particular BNCTL and BNU and micro credit institutions such as Moris Rasik.
saw. support national companies, the hotel industry, commercial houses, public passenger and cargo transportation (angunas, microletes), through the banking system. Example: fuel subsidies for trucks transporting goods from Dili to the interior and from the interior to Dili. Support the hotel sector in an amount equivalent to 50% occupancy of the rooms based on a realistic daily rate to be negotiated.
VII. Free use of electricity during 2020, this measure may extend to 2021;
Viii. support private sector employees who, due to the crisis, have lost their wages. Freeze the payment of state property rents to the private sector. Cover the rent of private space, with the owners contributing to reduce the cost of rent.
 IX) Imposing speed in the unloading of goods and customs clearance.
X) The banking sector freezes interest and other obligations, restructures debts and adjusts interest rates compatible with those practiced regionally from 2022 onwards. Debt forgiveness should be seriously considered.
XI) Suspension of international travel by members of the Government, State officials, members of the Defense and Security forces until December 2020 by

XII) Attribution to all health professionals who work at the front line, in hospitals, health centers, as well as those who support the sector, cleaning and garbage collection personnel, with a cash prize equivalent to 50% of its monthly, net, retroactive salary from January to December 2020, which may extend until the end of 2021. These benefits will be extended to Cuban doctors and technicians and other international health workers. The same benefit extends to water and sanitation workers and fire departments.
XIII) Acquisition of food stock for 180 days.
XIV) Consider a direct transfer, for each Timorese family, a monthly amount sufficient to cover a food basket.
XV) To give an example, the PR, PM, PPN and PTR, members of the Government and Deputies, and ex-incumbents propose to cut 50% of their salaries by the end of 2022. This initiative will be extended to all national advisers, as well as hired employees. Likewise, the government had instituted greater discipline and control over the use of official vehicles and fuel.

Dili, March 27, 2020

J. Ramos-Horta

Published in News in English


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