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Ho hakraik an Tempo Timor hato'o komprimentus ba laitor sira katak, Jornal Tempo Timor hahu mosu iha imi le'et atu fasilita informasaun ba imi. Tamba ne'e ami presiza ita boot sira nia tulun atu ekipa jornal ne'e nian bele halao servisu jornalismu ho didiak.

Jornalista Jornal Tempo Timor, bandu atu hetan envelope ka sasan ruma husi fontes informasaun sira.


DILI- Preparations are underway for Pacific Angel 2018 (PAC ANGEL 18), a joint and combined regional humanitarian assistance and disaster relief engagement led by Pacific Air Forces. A U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft arriving in Dili on June 6 will bring U.S. military personnel to conduct the exercise in Suai, Cova Lima Municipality from June 11-16, 2018.  

PAC ANGEL 18 will include general health, dental, optometry, pediatrics, and engineering programs, as well as various subject-matter expert exchanges. “The United States, in coordination with our Timorese and Australian partners, developed Operation Pacific Angel to help meet the needs of the people of Timor-Leste,” said Kathleen M. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Ambassador to Timor-Leste. “As friends and partners, we care about the continued progress of this great country and are pleased that our collaboration can deliver these services.”

Pacific Angel is part of the ongoing cooperation between the United States and Timor-Leste to help improve the lives of Timorese and build the capacity of local authorities and security forces. Since 2007, Pacific Angel engagements have improved the lives of tens of thousands of people throughout the Pacific region. Following Timor-Leste, PAC ANGEL 18 engagements will also take place in Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. (pr) 



Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop 

DILI – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop congratulates to the people of Timor – Leste especially to the opposition coalition won a majority of the seats in Timor-Leste's parliament in an election this month. 

Timor-Leste's Court of Appeal's head, Deolindo dos Santos, said AMP won 49.6 per cent of the votes.

The vote was called in a bid to end months of deadlock in the small South-East Asian country's Parliament, where there had been a minority Government led by prime minister Mari Alkatiri.

"We look forward to the swearing-in of a new prime minister and cabinet, as the Australian Government remains committed to deeper cooperation between our two countries," Ms Bishop said in a statement.

“I also congratulate the election and security authorities on the conduct of this election”.

Australia is Timor-Leste’s largest development and security partner. “As near neighbours, we share mutual interests and deep people-to-people ties. We will work with the new government to deliver on our recently signed historic treaty establishing permanent maritime boundaries”. 

The AMP, a coalition of Mr Gusmao's National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) and two other parties, secured 34 of the 65 seats in Parliament.

The Fretilin party of outgoing PM Mr Alkatiri won 34.2 per cent of votes.

The party had protested about alleged irregularities during the vote, but the appeal court rejected the complaint.

Fidelis Magalhaes, an official from the AMP coalition, said the result should break the deadlock in Parliament.

"East Timor must have a Government that stands and comes from an absolute majority in Parliament," Mr Magalhaes said.

He declined to comment on speculation that former president and prime minister Mr Gusmao would stand again as prime minister.

Mr Gusmao could not be reached for comment. 


 Julie Bishop

DILI – Ministra Negósiu Estranjeiru Austrália, Julie Bishop hato’o parabéns ba povu Timor – Leste, liliu ba partidu koaligasaun Aliansa Mudansa ba Progresu (AMP) ne’ebé hetan votu maioria iha eleisaun antisipada foin lalais.

“Ha’u fó parabéns ba povu Timor – Leste ne’ebé hala’o ona eleisaun parlamentár ho susesu, no ba Aliansa Mudansa ba Progresu (AMP), lidera husi S.E. Xanana Gusmao, ne’ebé hetan votus maioria,” hatete Bishop liuhosi komunikadu imprensa ne’ebé Tempo Timor asesu.

Bishop hatutan, observadóres Austrália no internasionál konfirma ona katak eleisaun sira foin lalais ne’e hala’o ho dame no ordenadu. Timoroan barak mak partisipa hodi ezerse sira nia direitu ba vota.

“Ha’u mos fó parabéns ba autoridades eleisaun no seguransa nian kona-ba sira nia servisu ba iha eleisaun”.

Austrália mak Timor – Leste nia parseiru dezenvolvimentu no seguransa ne’ebé boot-liu. Hanesan viziñu ne’ebé besik – malu.

“Ita sempre fahe interese ba malu no hametin ligasaun ema-ba-ema. Ami sei servisu hamutuk ho governu foun atu lori ba oin ita nia tratadu istóriku kona-ba estabelesimentu fronteira maritima permanente ne’ebé foin lalais ita asina”.

“Ami hein hela tomadepose Primeiru-Ministru no Gabinete foun, tamba Governu Austrália komprometidu nafatin ba kooperasaun ne’ebé metin-liu entre ita nia nasaun”.

Entretantu, Tribunal Rekursu proklama ona rezultadu eleisaun antisipada katak partidu koaligasaun Aliansa Mudansa ba Progresu (AMP) mak sai nu’udar partidu manan nain iha eleisaun ne’e ho total votu 309.663 (49,6%) fahe ba kadeira hamutuk 34.

Entretantu, partidu manan daruak mak partidu FRETILIN ho total votu 213.324 (34,2%) fahe ba kadeira 23 de’it. Tuir fali Partidu Demokraátiku (PD) ho total votu 50.370 (8,1%) fahe ba kadeira 5, partidu koaligasaun Frente Dezenvolvimentu Demokrátiku (FDD) hetan votu hamutuk 34.301 (5,5%) fahe ba kadeira 3. (Oki)



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