Tempotimor (Dili) - Câmara Comércio e Indústria Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) konsidera ekonomikamente seidauk preparadu ba eleisaun antesipada ba daruak, tanba ekonomia iha rai laran kontinua hakdasak.

Tempotimor (Dili) – Maioria emprezariu Timor oan sira konkorda katak seidauk to’o nia tempu atu aumenta (hasa’e) tan salariu ba Traballador Timor oan sira ho rajaun durante tinan hirak ikus nia laran grafika hatudu progresu ekonómia rai laran hetan valor mean barak.

By : Oki & Monty Jacka

Tempotimor (Dili) – In Timor-Leste, there is currently no law which forces the government to use local industry over international companies.

As a result of this, international companies are used regularly for mega projects across the country, hurting local companies who are being overlooked by their own government.

International companies who win big projects also hold no obligation to utilise local industry. They often refuse to buy sand and stone from local timorese, instead bringing in supplies and even labourers from abroad.

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKI-TL), Hergui Luina Fernandes described the situation as worrisome.

"We are sad! In the private sector there is currently no law supporting local industry. We often think this law exists, but actually it is very sad because it doesn’t," Ms Fernandes said on Friday.

While the Timor Sea agreement laid out legislation for 10% of work to be done by local companies, nothing has been created in national law yet, she explained.

"This is very troublesome to the private sector, because people who come and work on big projects in Timor, they have the right to bring everything from their country, one example is the Tibar Port project,” Ms Fernandes said.

“Our country investing a fair amount of money in the project, but the agreement has nothing to discuss about local companies."

This situation is so harmful, especially around Liquisa where there are Timorese investing in sand washing and destroying stones, but being overlooked in favour of overseas companies, Ms Fernandes explained.

"We visited various places up to Aileu, where the Chinese are putting their own machines to wash sand, crush rocks,” she said.

“We as Timorese cannot go forward, when there are no laws to support local companies.”

"International companies have told us that no legal force can force us. There is no law, no agreement that forces them to have a local context.”

“As a private sector, we are saddened by this situation where there is no opportunity for Timorese," Ms Fernandes expressed.

The situation will continue. The oil and gas pipeline to Timor will not benefit the Timorese the way it should, because when this opportunity is open to multinational companies, they will bring everything from their countries, Ms Fernandes said.

"We will not become a sovereign state, economically we will become dependent on foreign countries.”

Businessman Rui Castro also raised the issue about businessmen from abroad coming to Timor, renting land and using it to grow vegetables to sell back to Timorese people.

"This happens in Aileu many times, in Atabae there are also a few, if we keep this sector open and free, it will not provide good protection and eventually people from abroad will take over everything," Mr Castro said.

Mr Castro is urging the Government to establish a good policy in it’s agriculture sector which will provide opportunities to Timorese.

“If not, what will happen in Aileu, Atabae, Batugade (Bobonaro) and Natarbora (Manatuto), is that the overseas people will rent the land and use it to grow vegetables and sell it back to Timorese.”

The Government has established numerous international partnerships with countries such as China and Germany, which are causing this to happen, Mr Castro said.

A chinese company has opened the shrimp industry in Loes, while others have planted chilies in Natarbora and the other one is now in Manatuto, he said.

The Interim Minister for economic affairs and the Minister of Legislative reform and Parliamentary affairs, Fidelis Manuel Leite Magalhaes, responded to the comments, saying the government has noted the them and would inform local entrepreneurs and the relevant law-making ministries.

Kámara Komérsiu Industria Timor Leste apoiu Banku Credit Corporation Finance Ltd, ne'ebé fó Ajuda ba kompañia timor oan sira ne'ebé presiza atu haluan investimentu iha Timor Leste.

Tempotimor (Dili) – Prezidente Kámara Komérsiu Indústria Timor-Leste (CCI-TL), Oscar Lima dezafia joven Timor-Leste kria kampu servisu ba an rasik. Nia dehan, labele hein de'it atu sai funsionáriu públiku.

Tempotimor (Díli) – Timor-Leste presiza duni tama ASEAN. Tan ne'e, emprezáriu nasionál Timor-Leste tenke prepara an, hodi bele kompete ho emprezáriu husi nasaun ASEAN sira seluk.

Tempotimor (Dili) – Prezidente Kámara Komérsiu Indústria Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) konsidera, tan de'it ministru sira iha VIII Governu la brani atu eleva kualidade emprezáriu nasionál, halo osan barak sai ba rai liur.

Prezidente Camara Comércio Industria Timor Leste (CCI-TL), Oscar Lima, ofisialmente simu estatutu foun nian husi Aselmbleia Jeral CCI-TL.

Tempotimor (Dili) - Iha 22 Juñu tinan ida liu ba, eis Jeneral FALINTIL Forsa Defeza Timor Leste, ne'ebé hamahan aan iha sumbriña Aliansa Mudansa ba Progresu (AMP) nia okos ho orgullu hakat ba Palasiu Nobre Lahane, Dili. Eis Jeneral fitun rua ne'e simu posse no hahú daudauk ona lidera Governu Konstitusional ba dala ualu (8).

Tempotimor (Dili) – Prezidente Repúblika (PR), Kinta (14/11/19)  halo audensia públiku ho Banco Central Timor-Leste (BCTL), hodi rona opiniaun kona-ba investimentu iha Fundu Petróleu no oinsá atu bele garante setór privadu.

"Ohin ami husi BCTL mai hasoru PR, tanba PR hakarak atu rona no hatene uitoan situasaun kona-ba dezenvolvimentu ita nian fundu petróleu," dehan Governadór Banco Central Timor-Leste (BCTL), Abrão de Vasconcelos iha Palásiu Prezidensiál, Bairru-pite, Kinta (14/11).

Xefe Estadu, tuir Abrão, hakarak hatene BCTL nian hanoin kona-ba situasaun investimentu fundu petróleu iha 2020 no tinan 3 ou 4 oin mai sai oinsá.

"Ami mós halo diskusaun kona-ba oinsá atu diversifika ita nia ekonomia. PR hakarak hatene, tuir BCTL nia hanoin, oinsá mak atu dezenvolve areas sira no petróleu,” nia dehan.

PR mós rona ona reprezentante husi setór privadu sira hanesan Camara Comerciu  Indústria Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) no BCTL nia hanoin, para oinsá mak bele dezenvolve setór privadu.

Nia dehan, BCTL basikamente fó informasaun prinsipál kona-ba petróleu no situasaun merkadu iha 2020, sei sai oinsá no hakarak hatene fundu petróleu ho setór privadu nia dezafiu.

“Situasaun merkadu nia prospektividade iha aban bainrua ne'e oinsá? Tanba fonte finansiamentu iha TL ne'e prinsipál mak Fundu Petróleu. PR hato'o agradese tanba BCTL nia responsabilidade atu jere fundu petróleu,” Abrão esplika.

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