Tempo Timor (Dili) -Timorese seasonal workers have been experiencing ‘big problems’ in Australia, said Tim Nelthorpe, lead organiser for the Australian United Workers Union (UWU). The union spoke with Timorese who earned just 20 dollars a week, which was all that was left after costs such as for housing, healthcare and flights had been deducted from their salaries. Workers also reported they experienced ‘racism’ and couldn’t move freely as they were assigned to their accommodation.

Tempotimor (Dili) – Empregadór ida husi Tazmânia sei rekruta timoroan na'in 340, ba Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) iha Austrália.

Tempotimor (Dili) – Empregadór Linx Employment husi Austrália, pronto atu rekruta traballadór Timoroan servisu tuir Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) iha Austrália.

Life in Australia’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) can be tough, but it is designed to prevent the exploitation of workers within it.

In the past three years over 1500 people from Timor-Leste have worked in Australia as part of the (SWP), mostly picking or packing fruit on Australian farms.


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