TempoTimor(Dili) – The threat posed by the coronavirus (Covid-19) has forced the Catholic Church in Timor-Leste to cancel mass during Easter in the whole country. The decision was made during the Timorese Episcopal Conference (Konferensia Episkopal Timorense – CET) where the papal verdict regarding the Covid-19 crisis was confirmed.

The former priest who is under investigation for sexually abusing girls in an orphanage in Oecusse, has been arrested again. The suspect was under ‘house arrest’ in Maliana, but was spotted on the ferry ‘Success’ which left Dili harbour on Tuesday afternoon (12 November). When he arrived in Oecusse early Wednesday morning (13 November) the police was waiting for the ex-priest in the port, arrested him and took him to the police station in Oecusse. ‘I am acting on the orders of the PGR,’ confirmed Arnaldo de Araujo, the police commander in Oecusse to Tempo Timor by telephone, referring to the Prosecutor General of the Republic.