East Timor Black Out Featured

Tempotimor (Dili) - Lights are totally dead in all corners of 12 Districts in Timor Leste. After this incident, EDTL announced the reason the lights went out because there was one engine that was broken and was still in the process of being repaired.

"We will try to fix this engine as soon as possible," EDTL said in its Fan page.

The same statement was conveyed by the Minister for Public Work Salvador Pires through his Fan page that there was a black out because there was one machine that was not alive and was still in the process of maintenance.

The black out event was almost two hours and made all the people show their protest through posting on Facebook and WhatsApp status.

This incident really shocked all the people in East Timor because all the municipalities were completely dark. Previously, the government promised that there would be no Black out again because Timor Leste already had two main central power plant, one at Betano (Manufahi) and one at Hera (Dili).

The government explained that if there is an engine failure in Hera, it will automatically be connected to the Betano engine and there will be no black out. This explanation and agreement only calms the nerves of the people because it is not in accordance with reality.

Black out occurred since 7:50 pm for more then three hours. The electricity power back on at 11:20 East Timor time. This incident shows that the relevant minister has not shown his seriousness to overcome this black out.

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Last modified on Monday, 19 August 2019 09:38
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