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School pack initiative entering final stages

By Somerset Lewis & Caitlin Taylor September 17, 2015 1742

The Australian Embassy’s Sport and Literacy Packs initiative, which aims to provide every school across Timor-Leste with sport and reading equipment, is entering its final stages of distribution.

In a bid to ensure every Timorese child has the foundations needed to get a strong start in their education, Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Education and Care have assisted the Australian Embassy in reaching the country’s 1,370 schools.


“Each pack is being hand-delivered to each and every school,” Debbie Wong, first secretary in Education at the Australian Embassy, said. 


“The delivery has had to be timed carefully to ensure it is completed before the onset of the rainy season.”


Regardless of location, every primary school has received a literacy pack containing 332 early grade books in Tetun and Portuguese, equipping teachers with the tools to improve student’s reading abilities. 


“Classrooms filled with books, storybook reading, writing and play allow children to joy and power associated with reading and writing, while mastering basic concepts,” Ms Wong said. 


Secondary students, particularly those in remote areas of Timor-Leste, have also benefited from the initiative receiving two footballs, one volleyball, one volleyball net and an air pump.


Ms Wong says she hopes the sport packs will encourage children to get out and be active with their friends.


“Not only does sport improve physical health, it can build friendships, confidence an encourage greater levels of school attendance,” she said. 


The Australian Embassy and The Alola Foundation are providing guidance for teachers to ensure packs are used in the most effective manner. 


Teachers will be taught creative activities and games with the books and sports equipment.


Only a few schools in the eastern part of the country are still waiting to receive their packs, however are expecting the delivery this week. 

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