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Pelican Paradise Asks Government to removed Communities from Tasi Tolu Area But TMR may not expel the community ‘carelessly’ Featured

Tasi tolu is located west of Dili Tasi tolu is located west of Dili Photo especial

Tempotimor (Dili) - The government is asking the Pelican Paradise Company to identify an empty place in the Tasi-Tolu area so that it can start construction on a Touristic Building according to the proposal submitted.

The Head of Government stated this because the company had submitted this proposal more than ten years ago but there was no action. The plan for this project was too long and on December the VI Constitutional Government authorized the licensing of the use of Tasi-Tolu land/area  for Pelican Paradise Holding Timor-Leste to invest US $ 310 million - to build a 5-star hotel with 464 rooms.

"Some time ago I told him (the owner of the Pelican Paradise Company) when he was careless for these instructions. Because for a long time when I was a General he said the same things. It's been more than 10 years and he always says it, "complained PM Taur

The Prime Minister is asking not to spend more time on the issue because the Government has no reason  'carelessly' move the community if there is no preparation for a place which still allows the community to remain dignified.

"We also cannot disturb the community without providing conditions for them. If possible, the company can build it first on vacant/ free land, "said PM Taur, at the Presidential Palace, Bairru-Pite, Thursday (23/5)

He said, “The Government has a big dream but must move slowly, if you want to make many things all at once within the space of 20 years also we cannot do it”.

Thus, the head of the Government requested that immediately start the building and should not wait for more time. Because it was long time (many years)and still no indicated signs.

"What the Government wants / asks Pelican Paradise “if they have something to start, I must first see it. He shouldn’t think that he has the authority for the society of Tasi Tolu to be removed, then for him and his company can freely build, that's not right”

According to the document obtained by the tempotimor, it was shown that Pelican Paradise owner, Datuk Edward Ong, in 2009 on behalf of one company called Asian Champ investment sent a letter to the Finance Minister at the time asking the Government to deposit US $ 1.2 from Petroleum funds into their account "blocked" in Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Cooperation (HSBC) but in the end the Government rejected their proposal.

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Last modified on Saturday, 08 June 2019 20:57
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