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The government of Timor Leste made Rich Indonesian businessmen BTK

By December 22, 2020 3996
the wasted MDG housing which built by CARYA TIMOR LESTE and Jonize Constructions the wasted MDG housing which built by CARYA TIMOR LESTE and Jonize Constructions Foto File

Tempotimor (Dili) - According to documents obtained by Tempo Timor from the now non-functioning Government of Timor-Leste procurement portal ( the company owned by an Indonesian national, CARYA TIMOR-LESTE PTY LTD known to people in Dili as BTK, was awarded government contracts valued at 246,134,827 million USD in contracts under government Vendor ID: VJ0113.

Between 2010-2014 Carya Timor-Leste a sole entity was award government forty contracts valued at 124,432,580USD.  2011 was an important year for Carya Timor-Leste – it was given only five contracts but they had a value of a staggering $93,334,563.37.

The details are below.

  1. 05-10-2011 Construction of New Houses (Total 11,140 houses) Timor- Leste MDG Project. (Contract no. RDTL 11004352) $86,898,684.00
  2. 25-08-2011 Construction of Road and Drainage for the Integrated Boarder Posts at Batugade, Salele and Sakato (Contract No. RDTL-11004012) $2,837,998.37
  3. 05-07-2011 Supply of equipment for Postos Integrado fronteira Batugade, Salele e Sakato (Contract No. RDTL-11002608) $312,161.00
  4. 07-06-2011 Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Runway in Comoro, Stage 2 - under agreement/contract no. (RDTL - 11001711) $2,385,720.00
  5. 02-06-2011 Special Contract Continuation Project, Jardim Metinaro for Heroes (Contract No. RDTL - 11005254) $900,000.00

Additionally, in 2012 and 2014 Carya Timor-Leste was awarded four contracts in joint venture with Jonize PTY for a total of 121,702,247USD.  One of these contracts was alone valued at 104,277,543USD for a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) village construction project.  It is well known these MDG village projects were a complete failure.

While many Timorese remain impoverished an Indonesian business man that owns Carya Timor Leste, Frans Holywono, has become extremely wealthy in Timor-Leste. 

Holywono is reported to have had employees involved in drugs in Timor-Leste and was one of the largest political contributors to the CNRT party election campaign in past years.

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