The ANTL campaigns Against Prabowo Candidacy for Indonesian President Featured

Timor-Leste National Alliance (ANTL) is questioning, why someone who has his hands full of blood from people he was murdered, can be a leader. That means the impunity is still exist.

“Hence, the ANTL proposed to the UN Security Council and the international community to open up the case against Prabowo and his cronies. This is based on the universal juridical in order to bring them to the justice due to their involvement against humanity in Timor-Leste, during the Indonesia’s military occupation, said Carlito da Costa a member of ANTL on Monday 25/03/29.

In addition, The Board Coordinator of the ANTL, Xisto dos Santos emphasis that, this is based on the report that was published by the Reconciliation and Truth Commission as well as other reports from HAK and El Salvador, the researcher from Jofe Lubension.

“The finding of the fact was not produced by ANTL, but the work was done by Timor-Leste and Indonesian joint Commission of the Reconciliation and Truth, 10 years ago. Currently, Timor-Leste has been working so hard to find and bring back those were missing such as: Nicolau Lobato, Sabalai and thousands of children that went missing until now, said The Board Coordinator of ANTL Xisto dos Santos.

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