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Students in Likisa shocked to hear their Portuguese teachers have Covid-19

The CAFE (Education Centre for Training and Learning) School in the town of Likisa Municipality (22/4) The CAFE (Education Centre for Training and Learning) School in the town of Likisa Municipality (22/4) Photo Tempo Timor

Tempotimor (Likisa) - Students at a school in Likisa are afraid and alerted since they learned that their Portuguese teachers had tested positive for Covid-19.

Last Monday (20/04) the Integrated Crisis Management Center (Sentru Integradu Jestaun Krize - SIJK) announced the first case of a Portuguese professor who had been teaching at a school in Likisa and was confirmed to be infected with the corona-virus.

Later during the week the SIJK announced that two other Portuguese teachers were infected as well. These two teachers are currently in Timor-Leste, while the first is back in Portugal. 

The information from the SIJK scared residents of the town of Likisa, especially the students who were in close contact with the teachers.

A 15 year-old student, who is referred to by her initials D.N.S.C. and is now in grade 9, said that in February their teacher arrived from Portugal. 

"In March he/she started teaching us. We have classes with him/her based on the schedule. There were five meetings every week," the female student said when interviewed by www.Tempotimor.com in her residence in Likisa on Wednesday (22/04).

For privacy reasons Tempotimor decided to keep not only the name of the Portuguese teachers confidential, but their gender as well. (Two of them travelled in February from Lisbon to Madrid, Doha, and Bali to Timor-Leste, Tempotimor learned.)


No social distancing


The female student is concerned because there was no social distancing between the teacher and the students during classes.

“The teachers are not that far away from the students. When we asked questions, they would come to us. We are always less than a meter away from each other,” she said.

Therefor the female student appeals to the medical team that is in charge of combatting Covid-19 to come to Likisa and test all the students and Timorese professors who have been in close contact with the Portuguese teachers.

"Before the state of emergency was declared, the teachers were always with us because we have classes. If the virus has been spreading, please test the students and Timorese teachers who always accompanied them. As well as the drivers who always drove them," the student said.


Good relation


Another 15-year-old high school student, whose is referred to by his initials E.P.T.G., said: “Not long after their (Portuguese professors) arrival (in Timor-Leste), they began teaching subjects such as geology and biology three times a week." 

The student shares the same concern as his schoolmate because there was no social distancing during teaching and learning process. 

"We have a good relationship with the teacher. Not much distance was kept in the classroom," E.P.T.G. said, who explains that the Portuguese professors were teaching until school was suspended because of the state of emergency.

Saddened by the news that their Portuguese teacher is infected with the corona-virus, the student fears the consequences.

"If I were infected with this disease (Covid-19) my family will not be safe either."


Washing hands


Nine-year-old student I.L., who is a third grader at the same school, told Tempotimor about the classes by a teacher who had arrived from Portugal last March.

This teacher also lectured them about the prevention of Covid-19. "He/She taught us how to properly wash our hands and not to hug each other," the student said. But there was no social distancing inside the classroom. "Sometimes they sit together with us to teach us or to explain something," the student said.

Tempotimor contacted the Timorese headmaster of the school, but she declined to be interviewed about this case.


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Last modified on Saturday, 25 April 2020 07:57
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