Tempo Timor (New Delhi) -The World Health Organization today cautioned against any relaxation of response actions following the recent slight decline in COVID-19 cases in South-East Asia Region, saying the pandemic continues unbated and our response only needs to be strengthened further to curtail virus transmission.

By Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia

All people require access to quality mental health care and effective treatments that protect and promote overall health and well-being. Globally, nearly one in 10 people have a mental health condition. Depression is a leading cause of disability. An estimated 3 million people die every year from the harmful use of alcohol. A suicide occurs every 40 seconds. Most mental health conditions can be effectively treated at relatively low cost. And yet more than a quarter of the world’s population lives in a country where there is less than one psychiatrist for every 100 000 people. In the WHO South-East Asia Region, four out of every five people who require mental health services are unable to access them. The Region has the lowest per capita number of mental health workers. By scaling up investments in quality mental health care, all countries in the Region can significantly enhance mental health, well-being and resilience. Given the immense social and economic impact of COVID-19, countries and partners must act with speed and scale to secure and apply the necessary funds, as underscored by the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign – Move for mental health: let’s invest.

 The Region has in recent years made steady progress to improve access to mental health care and treatment as part of its Flagship Priorities on addressing noncommunicable diseases, scaling up emergency risk management and achieving universal health coverage. Most Member States have developed national mental health policies that have been integrated into national health policies. Specific regional strategies on suicide prevention, autism spectrum disorders and the harmful use of alcohol continue to be rolled out, with a focus on strengthening services at the primary level and promoting multisectoral buy-in. The Region continues to be a global leader in the provision of mental health and psychosocial support services in emergency settings, for which WHO’s mhGAP Programme has proven particularly valuable. Access for all to need-specific, culturally sensitive mental health care following an acute event is vital to promoting a strong social and economic recovery and to ensuring that mental health care is mainstreamed at all levels of service delivery.   

 The vast social and economic impact of COVID-19 highlights the critical need for all countries in the Region to invest in quality mental health care, which must be part of an overall increase in health spending. Across the Region, services for mental health care – including access to psychiatric medicines – have in recent months experienced significant disruptions, which WHO has been supporting Member States to overcome through innovative service delivery models such as telemedicine and via novel ways of securing access to medicines such as door-step deliveries. WHO continues to strengthen the capacity of health workers to detect, manage and treat mental health issues through virtual trainings and webinars, and will continue to facilitate the identification of best practices that can be adapted and rolled out to scale, especially at the community level. The Region’s recently adopted Ministerial Declaration for a Collective COVID-19 Response highlights the ongoing need for countries to maintain essential health services, including for mental health, to strengthen the response and build health system resilience into the recovery and beyond. 

 In this International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, special efforts must be made to protect and promote the mental health and well-being of health workers, which has come under great pressure in the ongoing pandemic response. To prevent burnout, minimize stress and enhance the mental well-being of health workers, facility administrators should appropriately balance working hours and rotate workers from higher-stress to lower-stress functions. Personal protective equipment must be readily accessible to all. Administrators must ensure that financial resources are available to call up additional staff and pay overtime and sick leave. Leaders across sectors must continue to apply a zero-tolerance approach to social stigma, verbal aggression and violence directed at health workers, and must continue to celebrate and support the health workforce.

 There is no health without mental health, for which sustained and scaled up investments are needed. WHO will continue to provide its full support to countries and partners in the Region to strengthen the provision of need-specific, culturally sensitive mental health care and treatments throughout the COVID-19 response and into the recovery and beyond, in line with its strategic preparedness and response plan, the Region’s Flagship Priorities, WHO’s “triple billion” targets and Sustainable Development Goal 3. With crisis comes opportunity, and we must seize this World Mental Health Day to accelerate progress on ensuring all people in the Region can access the mental health care and effective treatments they require to stay healthy, well and resilient. For a healthier, more sustainable social and economic future, together we must act – and invest – now.

Tempotimor (Dili)-Timor-Leste bele sai ezemplu ba nasaun sira hotu iha mundu tomak kona-ba esforsu halo prevensaun ba pandemia Covid-19 bainhira nia sidadaun hotu-hotu, liu-liu sira ne’ebé iha area fronteira kontribui ho parte seguransa hodi evita atividade illegal sira ne’ebé iha posibilidade bele lori moras Covid-19 tama mai.

Tempotimor (Dili)-Prezidente Repúblika Francisco Guterres Lú Olo deklara, maske Timor-Leste lakohi mate tanba Covid-19, maibé TL labele taka odamatan ba ema estranjeiru sira ne’ebé hakarak tama mai nasaun ne’e.

Tempotimor (Dili)-Estadu emerjénsia ne'ebé nu'udar meiu Timor-Leste nian hodi limita sirkulasaun sidadun iha nasionál no ba internasionál, nune'e labele lori moras mai sosiedade lokál.

TempoTimor (Dili)-Pedidu Prezidente Republika (PR) hodi estende Estadu Emerjensia (EE) ba daneen (6) hetan apoiu husi partidu opozisaun, Konsellu Nasional Rekonstrusaun Timorense (CNRT) iha Parlamentu Nasional (PN).

Tempotimor (Dili) - Preokupasaun públiku nian kona-ba pasiente Covid-19 ne'ebé sempre mosu de'it iha tempu ne'ebé Estadu Emerjénsia atu hotu, maibé governu rejeita Covid-19 iha TL nu'udar kriasaun polítika.

Vise-Ministru Saúde (MS), Bonifácio Maucoli hateten, Covid-19 mosu iha TL la'ós governu mak politiza, maibé realidade iha duni kazu.

"Ema nia interpretasaun ne'e katak polítikamente, maibé realidade hanesan ne'e duni, ita hatene nasaun viziñu Indonézia de'it agora iha 349 kazu pozitivu, entaun ita hakarak husik de'it?" dehan nia, iha Parlamentu Nasionál (PN), Sesta (2/10).

Governante afirma, kazu ne'ebé Timor-Leste iha ne'e la'ós tranzmisaun lokál, maibé kazu importadu.

"Kazu sira ne'e mós afeta de'it ba joven sira ne'ebé sira-nia rezisténsia ne'e mos makaas, entaun durante ne'e ita izola no trata sira, ikus mai sira rekupera", katak nia.

Vise-MS ne'e mós afirma, kazu ne'e la'ós politiza tanba estadu emerjénsia atu hotu ona entaun halo ida ne'e, maibé la'ós, tanba ema ne'ebé servisu saúde ne'e tékniku, la'ós polítika.

Entretantu, sidadaun ne'ebé dadun ne'e pozitivu no iha sala izolamentu Vera Cruz ne'e nia kondisaun di'ak ona.

Alende ne'e, dadus ne'ebé www.tempotimor.com asesu iha pájina facebook Palásiu de Sinzas Ministériu Saúde nian, iha Tersa (1/10), ema ne'ebé halo ona teste hamutuk 8.073, rezultadu teste negativu hamutuk 7.702, sei hein rezultadu teste 343, iha sala izolamentu na'in ida, kazu konfirmadu na'in 28 no rekuperadu na'in 27. (*)  

Tempotimor (Díli)- Deputada Parlamentu Nasionál (PN), bankada Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasionál Timoroan (KHUNTO), Olinda Guterres, husu Prezidente Repúblika (PR), Dr. Francisco Guterres Lu Olo atu halo kedas pedidu estensaun Estadu Emerjénsia (EE) ba tinan ida nian nune'e deputadu sira iha PN bele halo aprovasaun dala ida de'it.

Deklarasaun ne'e deputada Olinda hato'o, relasiona ho kada fulan Xefe Estadu ho Governu sempre husu hela de'it estensaun ba Estadu Emerjénsia (EE).

Deputada ne'e dehan, pedidu señor Prezidente Republika nian ne'ebé tama ba iha PN, kuaze dala lima ona, tanba ne'e, Prezidente Parlamentu Nasional (PPN) atu fó tempu oitoan deit ba deputadu sira halo intervensaun no tama kedan ona ba votasaun.

"Ita koalia lori ba, lori mai, ha'u nia hakarak no hanoin, di'ak liu prezidente repúblika tau kedas tinan ida nian lori mai para ita aprova dala ida", hatete deputada Olinda Guterres bainhira halo intervensaun iha plenária PN, sabadu (03/10).

Nia dehan, ita nia tétum iha timor ne'e, hira, tanba dezde momentu pedidu ba EE tama ba iha PN, sira ita koalia fila ba mai, bobar ba mai, di'ak liu koalia de'it vota ona, tanba di'ak ba ita nia povu no ba ita hotu.

Nia hatete, bele koalia barak bainhira ita aumenta saláriu ba polísia sira ne'ebé halo seguransa iha fronteira, atu nune'e sira bele servisu ho imparsiálidade.

Tuir nia, importante mak governu tau matan ba sira ne'ebé iha fronteira, portu no aeroportu, saúde sira, aumenta saláriu atu sira bele halo servisu ho imparsiál.

Ita mak koalia nafatin, prezdinte PN, prímeiru ministru sira deputadu iha PN mós koalia mak nafatin de'it, ita nia tétum iha ne'ebé mak atu foti ba tau tan.

"Ha'u oras ida lakohi tan halo deklarasaun, halo intervensaun, deskulpa. Tinan ida dala ida ha'u halo", dehan deputada Olinda.

Tempotimor (Dili)- Xefe bankada partidu Konsellu Nasionál Rekonstrusaun Timorense (CNRT), Duarte Nunes hateten, atu aprova lei Rejime Juridiku hodi nune'e governu la presiza mai bei-beik Parlamentu Nasionál (PN) hodi husu estende Estadu Emergensia.

Tempotimor (Dili)-Eis Prezidente Parlamentu Nasionál no atual deputadu bankada CNRT Arão de Jesus da Costa Amaral deskonfia mosu politizasaun ba Covid-19 tanba molok estadu emerjensia remata, sempre mosu kazu pozitivu foun ida.

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