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Ho hakraik an Tempo Timor hato'o komprimentus ba laitor sira katak, Jornal Tempo Timor hahu mosu iha imi le'et atu fasilita informasaun ba imi. Tamba ne'e ami presiza ita boot sira nia tulun atu ekipa jornal ne'e nian bele halao servisu jornalismu ho didiak.

Jornalista Jornal Tempo Timor, bandu atu hetan envelope ka sasan ruma husi fontes informasaun sira.

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão 

DILI Timor - Leste is still categorized as one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Therefore, former prime minister Xanana Gusmão promised that he would prioritize economic development in his country.

“We don’t think like impartially what we can assure that the Alliance Change to Progress (AMP) has the perception that in this five years we will do our best to improve the economic situation in Timor – Leste,” he said in an interview with Tempo Timor a few weeks ago. 

“Looking at the process we came that we are now in a process of consolidating the state that even the deadlock it’s a consolidation of the state that’s why for us besides some reform that we accepted we have to do the economy is the first priority to start in this five years,” he said.

Xanana also has no political ambition to become prime minister when winning this early election but what Xanana wants is to complete the political deadlock that has happened so far.

“I believe that this is not the problem people wants to change this political deadlock and then we will do our best, we will presented our program, we will do our best win or not win we will do our best as a group of parties that we want to deliver as much we can to the people”.

Regarding Ramos Horta's criticism last week that the Xanana government for ten years has failed to eradicate poverty and malnutrition, Xanana said that Horta’s analysis was very correct and that is what he said in the United Nations that the problem is how they consider the poverty, how they consider the malnutrition this is the problem. “In the UN, in front of the president of the General Assembly and the Secretary General I said that UN have must correct the way they look at the other developed countries because we always complain the fact that they put in same basket”.

Gusmão added, if he is as a Timorese which involved in politic in Timor – Leste, he would recommend to him, to Mr. Horta not to talk like that because he knows better than him that to be a prime minister he has to . . . at least to have a party.

And I remembered that he wanted to lead Associação Social-Democrata Timorense ASDT, Timorese Social Democratic Association is a political party a few years ago and it ended in violence and the police had to take him back to Dili. It was in Aileu district, that’s why . . .

“If he wanted to do something for the country better to think that not to be president of republic but to be prime minister. To be prime minister I believe the first thing is usually we say must have a political party. Second, condition would be a party that believes that he could do something”.

"Personally, I am not have any political ambition because I’m involve in a party and we are there we involve in an alliance, in a three electoral coalition. It is not ambition, it is like a wish, a willing to do something to correct". 

"Firstly, to correct the political deadlock because we are a new country, a democratic country we have to follow the rules of the constitution and the constitution says that only a majority government can guarantee the governmental stability or the stability in the government. That’s why we all involved in a coalition to make sure that after this election things can go in the right way" 

After a decade of strong economic activity, growth in Timor-Leste is expected to have fallen sharply in 2017, following a tightening of public spending, according to a new World Bank report.

The March 2018 Timor-Leste Economic Report also identifies potential for development in offshore petroleum, and the tourism and coffee sectors.

The report—the first in a new twice-yearly series from the World Bank, which aims to provide ongoing analysis of the country’s economy—projects that Timor-Leste’s GDP fell to -1.8 percent in 2017, compared to 5.3 percent the year before. With government expenditure representing about 75 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, a tightening in government spending 2017 has had a significant impact on the country’s economy. Constrained spending is likely to continue through the first half of 2018, the report adds.

“We expect this slowdown to be temporary, reflecting short-term adjustments in spending while the government continues to implement programs to strengthen the economic outlook.” said David Knight, Senior Country Economist for Timor-Leste. “While it is important for the country to gradually reduce its dependence on public spending, it is also important that lower public spending does not adversely impact priority social services.”

The report also highlights that investment returns from the Petroleum Fund have been particularly high, increasing the fund’s balance to US$16.8 billion at end 2017.  International air arrivals continued to grow over 2017, suggesting that the international visitor market has held up, while private consumption is expected to have been robust. The recently agreement on a maritime boundary brings new offshore oil and gas development one step closer, which has the potential to bring significant benefits to Timor-Leste. (Oki)



Frans Cab tula hela kaixa mamuk ba nia uma. Foto Social Media.    

DILI – Brigada Frans Cab tula kaixa mamuk. La’ós tula urna ho buletin votu, tanba urna ho buletin votu Oe – Kusi Ambeno nian to’o ona iha nasionál.   

Funsionáriu CNE Oe – Kusi Ambeno esplika, kaixa mamuk ne’e soe tiha ona, no nia  foti atu tau ropa, maibé tanba iha informasaun katak nia tula buletin votu entaun polisia mós ba ka’er kedas.

“Ida ne’e polisia mós sente komik loos, maibé tanba dehan orden be sira mós hala’o de’it orden ne’e. Nia ne’e ema ki’ak ida. Nia lori kaixa mamuk sira ne’e atu tau sasan ruma,” esplika funsionáriu CNE Oe – Kusi Ambeno via telemovel ba Tempo Timor, Segunda (14/05).

Nia hatutan, loos duni katak kaixa sira ne’e durante ne’e mak tau hela buletin iha laran. Agora eleisaun mós remata ona. Rezultadu apuramentu Oe – Kusi Ambeno nian hato’o ona ba nasionál, maibé tanba de’it nia foti kaixa mamuk sira ne’e mak polisia ba ka’er.

“Kaixa sira ne’e durante ne’e so’e hela de’it iha STAE ne’eba. Kaixa mamuk, tanba rezultadu votu Oe – Kusi Ambeno nian mós haruka tiha ona ba nasionál,” nia esplika.

“Ha’u sente komik tebes tanba, ha’u tur hela ho komandante polisia Oe – Kusi Ambeno derepente nia hetan kontaktu hosi primeiru – ministru Mari Alkatiri katak tanba saida mak ema tula fali kaixa sira ne’e? Komandante husu fali ha’u, no ha’u dehan ha’u CNE la iha urna. STAE mak iha urna. Depois diretor telefone ba afinal kaixa mamuk de’it,” nia esplika.

Ne'e kaixa mamuk, la'ós urna.  

Nia esplika, hafoin eleisaun buletin votu ne’e tau iha urna, la’os tau fali ba kaixa sira ne’e.

Entretantu, komandante polisia Oe – Kusi Ambeno, Superintendente Xefe Arnaldo de Araújo mós rekoñese katak brigada Frans Cab tula de’it kaixa mamuk. La’ós tula urna ho buletin votu.

“La iha problema ida, buat sira ne’e mamuk. La iha problema ida,” hatete komandante Arnaldo.

Rezultadu provizoriu eleisaun antisipada iha Oe – Kusi Ambeno hatudu partidu AMP mak manan ho votu 22,424 (58.87%), no partidu FRETILIN hetan de’it votu 10,810 (28.38%). (Oki)


Deskonfia kareta ne'e ho númeru matrikula OE - 10 - 808 TL hatun hela foos iha komunidade sira nia uma iha Oe - Kusi Ambeno iha Kinta kalan, (10/05). Foto Supplied 

DILI – Kalendariu kampaña eleitoral ba eleisaun antisipada remata ona iha loron Kuarta, 9 Maio liubá, maibé deskonfia movimentu militante partidu FRETILIN iha munsipiu sira oras ne’e la’o maka’as tebes ho rajaun la klaru. 

Bazeia ba informasaun balun ne’ebé Tempo Timor asesu iha munisipiu balun katak, deskonfia militante partidu FRETILIN nian komesa fahe ona foos no Super Mie iha tempu silensiu ho intensaun atu sosa votus. Situasaun ne’e akontese iha postu Atabae, Maliana villa no iha Oe – Kusi Ambeno iha Kinta kalan, 10 Maio 2018. 

“Ami nia ema sira foin ka’er sira ho kareta hatun hela foos no super mie iha tempu kalan boot,” informa fonte ida ba Tempo Timor, Kinta (10/05). 

Nia hatutan, movimentu militante FRETILIN nian iha Oe – Kusi espalla ba suku lima hanesan, suku Costa (Samoro), suku Beneufe (Bitila), suku Suni Ufe (Oenunu), Bana Afi no Lel Uf. 

“Kada suku, sira mai lori foos saku 25 no super mie kaixa ka dos 25 hodi fahe ba komunidade sira. Ami konsidera ida ne’e dalan ida atu sosa votus, tanba sira fahe iha tempu kalan,” esplika fonte ne’e.  

Deskonfia kareta ne'e ho númeru matrikula OE - 10 - 808 TL hatun hela foos iha komunidade sira nia uma iha Oe - Kusi Ambeno iha Kinta kalan, (10/05). Foto Supplied 

Nia hatutan, militante FRETILIN ne’ebé akompaña kareta ba hatun foos iha Oenunu (Suku Suni Ufe) mak hanesan Thomas Name, Jacinto Anin Falo no António Sonbai. Entretantu, militante ka kamarada FRETILIN ne’ebé ho kareta Mane Rua Abi ba hatun foos no Super Mie iha Bitila (Suku Beneufe) mak hanesan Rafael Kloe no Francisco Sali Kolo. 

Kada suku hetan foos saku 25 no super mie dos 25. Entaun, kada suku ida hetan foos hamutuk saku 125 no super mie saku 125. Total entre foos saku 125 ho super mie dos 125 mak 250.

“Agora parte seguransa ka’er ona sira, no ita sei hein prosesu tuir mai,” nia hatete. 

 Deskonfia kareta ne'e ho númeru matrikula OE - 10 - 808 TL hatun hela foos iha komunidade sira nia uma iha Oe - Kusi Ambeno iha Kinta kalan, (10/05). Foto Supplied 

Entretantu, situasaun ne’e mós akontese iha Maliana villa deskonfia militante FRETILIN nian mós la’o tama – sai uma lori foos no super mie iha tempu kalan hodi fahe ba uma kain sira ne’ebé identifika ona. Hafoin fahe sasan sira ne’e, militante FRETILIN mós lori hela surat ida hakerek lia fuan Subsidiu Negósiu Ki’ik no haruka uma kain sira ne’ebé simu fós no Super Mie ne’e tenke hakerek sira nia naran kompletu no asina, no lia fuan ikus iha surat ne’e katak tenke apoiu programa governu atual.

Maibé, bainhira Tempo Timor konfirma assuntu ne’e ba Prezidente Autoridade munisipiu Bobonaro Zeferino Soares dos Santos hatete katak, nia ladun iha informasaun klean kona – bá atividade fahe foos no super mie iha tempu kalan, maibé nia hatene de’it mak militante FRETILIN nian ameasa joven sira iha Maliana villa.

“Iha labarik nain lubuk ida mak sira sente ameasadu, entaun sira telefone ha’u ba foti sira. Depois ha’u tula sira sa’e mai, ha’u hare ema nain rua ho motor ida tuir. Entaun, ha’u fila kareta halai tuir ema sira ne’e, no sira halai tama ba lider partidu ida nia uma. Sira grupu boot ida mak tur hela iha uma ne’e. Sira ne’e mak ameasa hela ita nia labarik sira iha vila laran,” hatete Zeferino via telemovel ba Tempo Timor, Kinta (10/05).

Entretantu, Tempo Timor halo kedas konfirmasaun ba sekretariu jeral partidu FRETILIN atual primeiru – ministru Mari Alkatiri no prezidente substitutu Rejiaun Administrativu Espesial Oe – Kusi Ambeno (RAEOA) no Zona Ekonómia Espesial Sosial no Merkadu (ZEESM), Arsenio Paixão Bano, maibé la iha resposta. (Oki) 



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