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Ho hakraik an Tempo Timor hato'o komprimentus ba laitor sira katak, Jornal Tempo Timor hahu mosu iha imi le'et atu fasilita informasaun ba imi. Tamba ne'e ami presiza ita boot sira nia tulun atu ekipa jornal ne'e nian bele halao servisu jornalismu ho didiak.

Jornalista Jornal Tempo Timor, bandu atu hetan envelope ka sasan ruma husi fontes informasaun sira.

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LISBON - The Sustainable Energy for All Forum opened today in Lisbon, Portugal, with the urge to global leaders that more can be done to ensure no one is left behind in an energy transition aimed at delivering Sustainable Development Goal 7 - access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Hosted by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), the Forum is focused on addressing the key challenges in delivering universal energy access to the billion people globally who are still living without basic modern energy services, such as electricity, and the three billion who lack access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking.

Speaking via video message, UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, said: “One billion people still lack electricity. Far more needs to be done to advance renewable and efficient energy in all sectors. From industries to transportation, from cities to rural areas.” He added: “Let us invest in the future, not the past.”

To underpin the urgency needed in addressing the energy access gap, the Forum was the launch platform for the new Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report – a global stock-take on data showcasing progress to energy goals as set out in Sustainable Development Goal 7. The report, which assesses the status of renewable energy, energy efficiency plus access to clean cooking and electricity, was launched during the opening morning by its authors.

The latest data shows that the world remains off track to meet 2030 energy targets at the current rate of progress, but certain countries or trends reveal that progress is being made where political leadership and finance is being prioritized. Renewable energy is making impressive gains in the electricity sector, although these are not being matched in transportation and heating – which together account for 80% of global energy consumption. 

In her opening remarks, Rachel Kyte, CEO of SEforALL, and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All, called on the Forum to use this latest data as a reality check of the challenge ahead. She said: “The world has committed to leave no one behind. To keep this promise as we move through the energy transition, we need to think differently about how we deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy services. Every year of delay in providing energy access is a lost year, a lost opportunity, for millions of children and their families. Countries cannot afford to leave entire generations behind when there are solutions that deliver affordable, clean energy services today.”

SEforALL has brought together over 800 participants from nearly 100 countries, with 10 Ministerial level speakers joined by CEO’s, investors and civil society leaders. The Forum connects those delivering change, working to increase the scale of impact and to provide a forum to gather the views of practitioners and leaders ahead of the High-Level Political Forum to be held at the UN in July. 

Rachel Kyte added, “The SEforALL Forum is focused on what it will take to reach speed and scale in bringing energy solutions to improve people’s lives. More reliable, affordable, and clean energy lies not only at the heart of people’s energy needs, but also at the heart of job creation, clean air in towns and cities, health care and education. The work of the Forum will support raised ambition from SEforALL’s partners in a global movement that shares a sense of urgency around pushing forward the energy transition.”

A new report, “Levers of Change: How Global Trends Impact Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Access to Sustainable Energy”, from Sustainable Energy for All and Energia, was also launched during the opening day of the Forum. The report examines the implications of global trends on energy access, gender equality and social inclusion. The report looks at key emerging issues – such as increasing use of mobile money financing and declining decentralized renewable energy technology costs – and the extent to which women are able to leverage these trends so that they can gain access to electricity, clean cooking and other sustainable energy solutions. Read online here.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves also announced Chebet Lesan as the winner of its Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award program recognizes outstanding female leaders in the household energy sector who are advancing clean cooking solutions in emerging markets. Chebet founded BrightGreen, which produces and processes organic and agro-waste into eco-friendly, cost-cutting charcoal briquettes. (pr)  


Rai Loos Sei Prosesa Abilio Mausoko

Published in Politika
Rai Loos. 

KAITEHU – Eis petisionariu no membru rezistensia Rai Loos promete ona sei prosesa eis polisia Abilio Mausoko ba prosesu legal, tanba konsidera halo alegasaun falsu foin lalais. 

Rai Loos hatutan, nia sente ofendididu tebes ho alegasaun falsu Abilio Mausoko nian iha komisiu ka atividade kampaña partidu FRETILIN nian iha kampu futebol Likisa katak, antes ne’e porta voz Aliansa Mudansa ba Progresu (AMP) atual prezidente Partidu Libertasaun Popular (PLP), Taur Matan Ruak (TMR) hasoru malu ho Rai Loos hodi tiru Abilio Mau Soko no José Manuel Nakfilak. 

“Jeneral ida mai enkontru ho ha’u atu tiru Abilio Mau Soko ho José Manuel Nakfilak ne’e imposivel tebes, tanba ne’e ha’u sei hato’o prosesu legal ida ba alegasaun ne’e,” hatete Rai Loos liu hosi nia diskursu iha mini kampaña AMP nian Suku Mota Ulun, aldeia Mota Ikus, Likisa, Sabádu (28/04).

Nia hatutan, akuzasaun hosi parte sira seluk Rai Loos la dun hakfodak, no maske laran kanek, maibé sempre hatudu nia oin hamnasa.

"Ida ne’e kazu seriu, tanba ne’e mak ha’u aprezenta ona ba parte juridisaun hodi lori kazu ne’e ba Tribunal tanba nia halo insultu hasoru ha’u," hatete Rai Loos. 

Nia hatutan, la sente perseguisaun no konsidera akuzasaun sira ne’e la dun hakanek nia fuan. Nune’e, nia la rai odiu no vingansa ba ema ruma.

“Ho insultu sira ne’e mak motiva ita halo serbisu di’ak liutan hodi hadia saida mak ita halo la di’ak ida iha tempu pasadu,” esplika Rai Loos.

Entretantu, antes ne’e Abilio Mausoko deklara iha kampaña partidu FRETILIN nian iha loron 23 Abril liubá iha kampu futebol Likisa katak, antes ne’e TMR hasoru malu ho Rai Loos hodi tiru Abilio Mau Soko no José Manuel Nakfilak, maibé Rai Loos konsidera deklarasaun politika ne’e nu’udar insultu ida no nia aprezenta ona ba ministériu públiku hodi prosesa ba Tribunal.

Entretantu, prezidente AMP husu ba Likisa oan sira katak bainhira partidu ruma liu hosi kareta, labele tuda no halo problema sira seluk.

“Tanba AMP ne’e naran morin iha mundu no naran boot iha ONU,” hatete Xanana. (Oki) 





Militante Partidu Balun Sunu Mutuk Bandeira AMP

Published in Politika
Militante hosi partidu balun sunu mutuk bandeira AMP iha suku Santa Cruz - Dili, Sabádu (28/04). Foto Tempo Timor/Raimundos Oki  

SANTA CRUZ – Militante hosi partidu politika balun sunu mutuk tiha bandeira Alliansa Maioria ba Progresu (AMP) ho intensaun atu provoka situasaun iha suku Santa Cruz, munisipiu Dili.

Bazeia ba informasaun ne’ebé Tempo Timor rekoella iha fatin akontesementu ne’e katak, antes militante AMP suku Santa Cruz monta bandeira iha área ne’eba, militante hosi partidu balun hasai liafuan katak partidu AMP mak tama iha suku ne’e “blokir tiha de’it”.

“Ami rasik mak dada bandeira AMP iha ne’e, no antes ne’e labarik balun hela sa’e ba leten besik rate Santa Cruz hatete AMP mak tama iha ne’e ita blokir tiha de’it,” hatete Elizario da Silva nu’udar responsavel poster ka panfletu AMP nian iha munisipiu Dili ba Tempo Timor iha Santa Cruz, Dili, Sabádu (28/04).

 Nia hatutan, bandeira AMP nian foin mak monta loron rua iha Santa Cruz, maibé komesa hetan sunu ona iha Sabádu madrugada, besik loos dalan atu tama ba Kinta Boot.

Hafoin ida ne’e ekipa polisia hosi postu Vera Cruz mós to’o kedas fatin akontesementu hodi halo ezaminasaun ba akontesementu ne’e nu’udar aktu krime eleitoral.

Iha loron hirak liuba mós mosu no akontese asaun krime kontra konseleiru maximu AMP, José Naimori Bucar iha munisipiu Baukau.

Entretantu, liu hosi diskursu prezidente AMP, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão iha kampu Don Bosco Comoro, Sesta (27/04) husu ba joven sira atu kontinua mantein paz no estabilidade iha rai laran hodi labele provoka malu. (Oki) 


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