The Chinese Citizen was murdered in Bairo Pite Featured

The unknown men had been suspected involved in a murder of the Chinese citizen named Tan Lin Xue in the main road in Hudi-Laran, Bairo Pite, Dili Timor-Leste.

The victim is well known as an internist working at Bailling Clinic in Fatuhada. 

The homicide case was taking place on Monday,(25/03/19), around 02.00am.

The PNTL (Timor –Leste National Police) was then calling to attend the case and the victim was taking to the National Hospital Guido Valadares for further autopsy.

According to Ayen, the victim’s friend , Tan Lin Xue, left the resident on Monday at 01:12 AM without carrying any identity documents such as: passport, identity card or even mobile phone.

“He is my friend, he left the resident at 01.00 AM and we didn’t know where he was going. He did not bring anything with him, except $7000 USD cash. We only found out just in the morning that he was murdered. Said Ayen with tears.

Ayen also said that, as an internist at Bailling Clinic, Tan Lin Xue, has been working for two years now. He also admitted that, they have no clue what is behind this homicide case, since they have only found out this case just in the morning. Now they want to go and have a look the corpse, however they are not allowed to do so.

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Last modified on Friday, 12 April 2019 15:24
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